i got rejected from san jose state with a 3.2?

<p>Is it just me or did sjsu get reallly really really hard to get into???... i heard with a 2.5 your pretty much in for transfer students...this is the letter i got</p>

<pre><code>Dear Transfer applicant,

<p>I regret to inform you that upon application review, you did not meet the admission impaction standard for non-local applicants to San Jos</p>

<p>dont feel too bad. like the letter says, people who live in certain counties get priority. so that must mean that a crapload of people who live in those counties applied and got in.
.....i know i live in one of those counties....and i got in.....looll</p>

<p>can i appeal this? I mean i know this school isnt a top choice of mine but it was a back up. Getting rejected from a backup school makes me feel quezzy. I mean this is complete bs i know people with like a 2.4 who go in -__-</p>

<p>Yeah I just got the same email and I have a 3.3 trying to transfer in graphic design.
I was definitely expecting to get in based off my other friends who got in with lower gpa's.</p>

<p>I'm pretty much in the same position as you. Wasn't even planning on going there and only applied as a back up, so now I'm scared to hear from the other schools...</p>

<p>The whole non-local thing is a super big deal right now because of budget cuts. It is the only way the CSU's can properly allocated their limited resources.</p>

<p>What was your major?
I got in..I'm in the bay area so I'm guessing that helped. Journalism/PR major.</p>

<p>Try calling them up & see what they say re: your case</p>

<p>I just got rejected as well.
I kinda messed up my GPA because I had health issues one quarter, but it was still a 3.2. I'm very upset, because SJSU is the only non private school that offers my major (animation) in the Bay Area. I was even offered a job to teach at an after school program in SJ from the fall. Not only did I get rejected from my top choice, but I also now have to turn down an opportunity that I worked so hard to get.</p>

<p>I want to appeal this, but I find it very insulting that they just have an e-mail address up. The least they could do is pretend to take us more seriously by asking for a hard copy.</p>

<p>What a crummy way to start my weekend :(</p>

<p>people with 3.2 and 3.3's getting rejected but people with lower gpas are getting in because they simply live 10 minutes closer. proof that the csu's are a joke?</p>

<p>Well, it definitely sounds like they care more about their own financial convenience than the quality of their students at this point.</p>

<p>This is very frustrating...</p>

<p>My DD was denied by CSULB for the same reason (we live in northern CA). It was one of 2 safety schools that we felt sure she'd get into but I think they are so impacted that it will be mostly local area freshmen and transfers this year. I'm not so sure it's their financial 'convenience'--the CSU budget was cut about $500 million last year and will be cut another $500 million this year. They are at bare bones, cutting numbers of enrollment slots, classes, teachers, etc. It's definitely a new and very challenging paradigm for getting into a public school in CA these days, UC or CSU.</p>

<p>I find it ridiculous that you got rejected from SJSU with a 3.2. You would have been eligible to TAG at all the UCs, including UCSB, which currently has a <em>Surprise</em> 3.2 as their cutoff. </p>

<p>SJSU isn't a T100 university, it's good for Computer Science/Engineering because it's so close to the Silicon Valley but that's it.</p>

<p>What part of the country are you from? I'm sure it had something to do with your location, not grades.</p>

<p>It's all about the local thing...I bet there were local transfers with a 2.5 that got in. Don't beat yourself up.</p>

<p>I feel like CSU's should only be considered safeties if they're within your local area...so if you live in NorCal CSULB is far from a safety, and if you live in Socal SJSU is not a safety either!</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm guna have to agree with seisomom. There are just too many people and not enough funds. But still, sorry you got shafted :/
and i think you can trryy to appeal, but appeals are so...unpredictable. But I'm deffs not going to go to sjsu...i have a solid tag agreement with davis and i recently found out about cal poly.
good luck with your other schools though.</p>

<p>I really think that the CSUs should be prohibited from giving admission priority to applicants simply because they live in the vicinity of the campus. Remember, SJSU is a California STATE University,financed by all taxpayers in California, not a San Jose/Santa Cruz County University. They should follow the same rules as the UCs and treat all California applicants the same. I believe some CSUs are already moving in this direction. I have heard that Cal Poly SLO has adopted the same admission standards for all applicants with no priority given to those in SLO County. Not only is SJSU being unfair it also appears to be acting against its best interests. Expanding their applicant pool to the whole state would no doubt result in an overall higher quality student body.</p>

<p>Another lesson from this is that there has been a fundamental shift in the state's previous position that all applicants who meet minimum eligibility criteria will be guaranteed an opportunity to earn a Bachelors degree at either a UC or CSU. The massive cuts in the budgets for the state's higher education systems means that many students who would have gone to UCs if spaces were available will now be going to CSUs. Many CSU applicants who meet minimum CSU eligibility criteria will not be accepted anywhere since increased competition will mean that the actual qualifications needed to gain admission to a CSU are going to be well above the state's minimum standards at most of the CSUs, not just a few elite ones like Cal Poly SLO. At the same time admission to the UCs is becoming more competitive than ever, many CSUs will no longer be the "safety" schools they have been in the past. CCCs could become a dead end for students with GPAs under 3.0 as they will no longer be able to gain admission as transfers to any public four year universities.</p>

<p>I got in SJSU engineering major. They sent the notice over a week ago. I was more excited than I expected. UC used to be my only choice, but since my GPA dropped quite drastically last semester, I lost hope. Now I only have a gpa of 3.88 and that is not going to get me into most of the engineering programs in any UCs, it hurts, but I hope to work hard in SJSU if it is the only school that takes me. </p>

<p>For those who got rejected, as long as you have TAG with any UCs, you might end up in them instead of SJSU. I have no TAG, so who is lucky? Hehe, Cheer up, wait for acceptance from UCs.</p>

<p>I wish I heard back from any CSU ):</p>

<p>@Sadfish, not all CSUs have released admissions decisions yet. My younger son is applying as a freshman to CSU Sacramento, although I think he will probably to to a CCC and try to transfer to a UC, and we have been informed that Sac State will not release any admission decisions for Fall 2011 before March 1. However, I honestly do not know if Sac State and other CSUs release admissions decisions for transfers and freshman applicants at the same time or not.</p>

I really think that the CSUs should be prohibited from giving admission priority to applicants simply because they live in the vicinity of the campus. Remember, SJSU is a California STATE University,financed by all taxpayers in California, not a San Jose/Santa Cruz County University.


<p>Very well put Lemaitre. I completely agree! I just found out today from CSULB that I was admitted (I am an Electrical Engineering major). When the message said "congratulations, you have......" I breathed a huge sigh of relief (this being my so called "safety" school). Now with a transferable gpa of 3.85 with 84 sem. units completed, I should not have had to really let out that sigh :rolleyes: ...this just goes to show how ridiculous this notion of making univeristy accessible to most has become.</p>

<p>CSULB practices the WORST kind of unfair and partial treatment. They GUARANTEE admission for some no matter what (even if you have a 2.0) if you're from the IMMEDIATE area (that is only 3 specific community colleges in the long beach general area). They don't even cut any slack to people who are "somewhat local" (i.e. in Torrance, which is just a hop and a skip away :rolleyes: ). Last year my friend who goes to community college with me (same major as mine) did not get in to CSULB...and she had a 3.34 gpa!!! Now you can see why I was concerned!</p>

<p>Blame the budget cuts. This actually started 2 years ago. I know of people with 3.5's that got rejected from freshman decisions as well. They have a new "location" criteria apparently. Sorry to hear that man.</p>

<p>LOL this is dumb. And I only live like 45 minutes away from san jose. So if by some freak chance i get rejected from all the UC's (even though I have tag) Ill basically just be sitting around for a year doing nothing because i don't live 7 miles closer to san jose. LOOOL</p>