i got suspended from my school

I'm being suspended from school for stealing someone else's book
Now, i can't go back to school from now on including my graduation ceremonies.
I know it's a wrong behavior and it must be condemned, but i really don't want to get revoked from my college due to this reason.
This is the first trouble ever happened in my life, and i didn't know that this is such a huge mistake. Luckly my school didn't report to the police and it just ended up with suspension.
Now, i can't even go take my finals (literally getting a zero) which will kill all my grades
i think most likely, all my grades will end up with C's (becasue i didn't fall under the senioritis)
My counselor told me that she won't report it to the colleges but i'm still scared.
What am i need to do now..</p>

<p>Dude. That sucks. Hey, at least you learned your lesson! Even if you don't go to UofI, you can always bounce back : ).</p>

<p>Right now though, contact UofI immediately and ask them if they are likely to rescind your admission for receiving straight Cs. If they are, you'll likely have the best chances by explaining the situation straight to them. If they aren't - well then, don't bring it up ever again.</p>

<p>will i get revoked by having straight C's?
i heard that U of I goes pretty easy with C's..</p>

<p>It definitely won't look good, but I'm not sure they will revoke the acceptance. Are the finals already over? If not, do everything in your power to convince them to let you take the finals. Anything is possible if you word it correctly :D</p>

<p>Well, I guess this is interesting...</p>

<p>If U of Ill goes easy on C's..then I guess it's not the institution I had hoped it was..
also if they let you in after they find out what happened...that'll be reason number two</p>

<p>I had a friend get expelled from school for only the last quarter of senior year. His admission was rescinded. I don't know the circumstances behind your expulsion (at least it sounds like expulsion since you are saying you are done with school... do you still get a diploma but just can't walk for graduation?) but this person I knew got expelled because he was smoking marijuana on school grounds, so it may be a slightly different situation.</p>