I had my old grades changed and now my academic record is fixed

A long time ago I had was going to a University of California and managed to mess up my junior year badly. It was due to personal issues and not being able to keep up with the quarter system. It was pretty bad but after getting some evidence together I asked to retroactive withdrawal from all those classes I messed up and it was granted. Now my academic record is fixed and I’m not on academic probation anymore. Anyone else have an issue such as this and go onto to graduate college and find a decent job with their degree?

Yes to both. Apparently you had the documentation to justify medical withdrawal with erasure of grades for that semester. You should be fine.

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It was 2 semesters and then some. That was expensive. Do you get a refund if it’s been years later?


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It’s been years so I’ll probably not get a refund. They already changed all the bad grades to W’s. It’s better than being on academic disqualification than nothing. I don’t feel as bad anymore.

No refund but yes it’s good you have those W’s! If it was a medical withdrawal, you should be fine with applying to grad school and getting a job. Good luck!

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