I hate my real college list, but this is just for fun

<p>White female from Mass at very competitive High School</p>

<p>GPA: 3.85 uw, and I've taken all Honors and AP classes (1 AP freshman and sophomore year, 2 junior year, and 4 this year). top 5% in a class of approximately 470 students.</p>

<p>First quarter grades:
Calc AP AB: A
European History AP: A-
Spanish V AP - A
British Lit H - A
Physics AP B - A-
Drawing I - A
Yoga/Pilates - A</p>

<p>SATs: 6/05 - 670M 710V 690W (10 essay)
12/05 - 720M 710V 720W (10 essay), highest composite - 2150</p>

<p>SAT IIs: 730 - us hist, 650 spanish (retaking spanish & taking math ic in January & rushing..)
APs: ap us hist - 4</p>

<p>ECs and such:
- Speech & Debate (9 10 11 12) - Vice Captain for 2 years, 4th place in a competition
- Habitat for Humanity (9 10 11 12) - Secretary in 10th grade, on Board of Directors now
- Volunteer work (9 10 11) - 120 hours of community service, but don't have time anymore
- Newspaper (10 & 12) - just writing for the newspaper.. why not?
- Honors Summer course at Tufts University (and I'm getting a rec from the professor!!! woot)
- One summer, I did an advanced drama class thing for a few weeks.</p>

<p>Award Thingies
- National Honors Society
- Commended Student on PSATs
- Finalist at Speech Competition</p>

<p>Essays: The common app one is pretty awesome
Recommendations: should be great, but I can't read them, obviously.</p>

<p>Chances at:
- Northwestern
- Barnard
- Rice
- Emory
- Bucknell</p>

<p>I hope you mean math level 2</p>

<p>... this is a question I had myself.. is the National Honor Society really worth noting?</p>

<p>no, math 1... I seriously don't remember anything from precalc and am too lazy to review. plus a 700 in math 1 > a 600 in math 2</p>

<p>i think bucknell's a safety, emory's a match, and the others are reaches but not impossible ones.
i go to barnard and it is amazing, definitely the best school on your list :) your gpa is good for barnard but your ECs could be spicier.. i hope your essays were very creative!
good luck!</p>

<p>You should note that some schools will not take math 1...</p>

<p>(Question about national honor society remains)</p>