I hate these...

<p>Chances for Michigan LSA Honors!</p>

<p>SAT-2100 (1420)
GPA-95/100 UW
EC's-Varsity Debate team all four years, captain senior year-went to state almost all four years, Forensics League Champ, Mock Trial League Runner-Up(state this week), Tons of community service 200+ hours, NSE State placement 3 years, Champion Equestrian, etc.
Essay-Pretty decent</p>

<p>Okay that's the basics so Chance ME (please)! I'm desperately waiting for April 1st.</p>

<p>which state?</p>

<p>I currently live in Kansas</p>

<p>Seriously can anyone chance me!?! I am waiting in agony until April 1st!</p>