I hate to bring up the Oct9 SAT, but 75 or 65?

<p>There seemed to be a lot of controversy over the 90+90+x+x+y, etc. problem. I put 75 as my answer, and I am confident in it. Was there ever a settlement about the answer?</p>

<p>65 was the answer.</p>

<p>it asked for the lowest number in the set.</p>

<p>I had 75 originally also, but I realized my mistake before it was too late.</p>

<p>But if x=65 for x+x+y+90+90, then 65+65+y(would have to be 85)+90+90 all divided by 5 does not equal 83!!! In solving the problem you most likely did this, y+85+85+90+90....and then found the missing variable, but that unknown variable you just found was y NOT x... Am I right or am I missing something here?</p>

<p>I could have sworn it asked for the lowest number in the set, not what x was... now I am unsure of myself though :o</p>

<p>65 should be the answer
I remember that it was x+y+y+90+90
so it's 65+85+85+90+90
the average is 83, median is 85</p>

<p>It asked for the lowest possible number to satisfy the requirements. 65 is not x, it is y.</p>

<p>{65, 85, 85, 90, 90} has a mean of 83 and a median of 85, which is exactly what the question asked for.</p>

<p>oh, right. yeah, I think that was the problem. I checked this problem several times, and checked the restrictions several times. I would be AMAZED if I had made such a dumb error after checking over it so many times.</p>

<p>so as to not waste space and make a new thread, while we're talking about it, the last grid-in was 10, right?</p>

<p>I didn't get 10 (had no clue what to do for that problem) but it seems that the general consensus is indeed 10.</p>

<p>Yeah it's 65. I screwed up too and put 75, don't worry.</p>

<p>cool. the only problem I missed so far was that one with the triangles near the end(more than 4). hahah, it was so easy as well. I was about to shoot myself when my friends were all discussing it and they were like THAT TRIANGLE PROBLEM, SO EZ, YOU PUT MORE THAN 4, RIGHT WILLIAM? I was like ... NOOOO</p>

<p>"65 was the answer.</p>

<p>it asked for the lowest number in the set.</p>

<p>I had 75 originally also, but I realized my mistake before it was too late"
-said by smackdk</p>

<p>I agree 100% with him. i did the same</p>

<p>it was 10.

<p>factors are:

<p>and excluding 1 and a^abc, there are ten. i cant remember the 10th one....but i know its there.</p>

<p>abc is the missing factor neelesh.</p>

<p>I put 75. Stupid mistake, it was 65 for sure. Oh well. COMMON 790!!!</p>

<p>Sixty Five</p>

<p>jesusofsuburbia, maybe there'll be a -1 = 800 curve! Don't give up hope (I haven't!)</p>

<p>aaah. thanks college_hopeful...i just couldn't think!</p>

<p>so what are the chances it will be a -1 800 curve i am praying also i missed the easiest problem, the one about the number of triangles and more than 4 i had that then changed it, u gotta hate second guessing yourself</p>

<p>I got 65, plugged it in, and, under pressure, tried a different variable and got 75 as the answer. What the hell was I thinking? That'll probably drop me 20 points.</p>

<p>65 for sure</p>