I hate to do this... but ED II chances?

<p>White female in suburban NY
Rank: 11/392 Weighted GPA is 97.612
SATs: M-680, CR-670, W-670
SAT IIs: Math I- 680, U.S. History- 790
(I submitted my SATs even though I probably shouldn’t have… will this hurt my chances?)
AP tests: Have taken and received… World history- 5, U.S. history- 5, English language- 4, European history- 5. Currently taking English literature, Environmental science, Statistics, and Government.<br>
ECs: I play the bassoon (5 All County selections, pit orchestra since 9th grade, section leader, participant in local college and community orchestras), which might help my chances at admission because it’s a unique instrument. I have also done biology research at a local univeristy- I have been published in science journals and recently entered Siemens, Intel, and other prestigious science competitions. Also: Amnesty International, Key Club, founding member of school’s Peer Writing Center, European club, copy editor/contributing writer of school’s award-winning newspaper, science olympiad, extensive volunteer work.
Awards/recognition: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, St. John’s Women in Science Award, AP Scholar with Honor
I think my essays and recs are pretty solid and get across a sense of who I am.<br>


<p>You'll get in. =]</p>

<p>Though I am biased, since I do kinda think you're the most amazing person ever.</p>

<p>Haha... thanks. :)
Anyone else?</p>

<p>I'm curious: as a science research type, why are you not taking AP Chem and AP Bio, or AP Physics? Why no Calculus? Does your school not offer them? You sounds like a great kid, but your science/math preparation seems rather weak, if that is the area you plan to pursue. If not, then it is less of an issue, I would guess.</p>

<p>I was told by an informed source that Bowdoin has, in recent years, given up to 70% of their ED slots to recruited athletes. They also like to keep their reported SATs up there. Neither of those things seems to bode particularly well for you, although your record has lots of other wonderful things in it. So your ED chances are a bit hard to assess. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you that they haven't already recruited a bassoon player! :)</p>

<p>I have also applied to Bowdoin ED 2 and Consolation's assessment really freaks me out.
70% to recruited athletes?!!?
im wondering if anyone has a personal anecdote about getting in ED without being a recruit.
i mean, im an athlete, but not good enough to get recruited</p>

<p>Consolation: My school does offer AP Chem, Bio, and Physics, but I couldn't fit them into my schedule- I already overloaded on courses and had to have my parents write a letter to the principal saying that it was fine and that I would be able to handle the workload. However, I have taken honors courses in all of these subjects in my first three years of high school, so I do have experience.
The fact that approximately 70% of ED acceptances are recruits really unnerves me. Ugh... let's hope that Bowdoin needs a bassoonist!<br>
And other imput would be appreciated. :)</p>

<p>I was completely blown away by the 70% figure also. It is unclear whether it is that high every year, but even if it is 50% it's still a lot of slots.</p>

<p>I will say that the only kid I know who got in ED this year is a recruited athlete, but the kid I knew who got in RD last year was not. The RD kid last year had just about everything you could hope for--grades, athletics, ECs, science awards--except great SATs, so the SAT-optional thing was perfect.</p>

<p>The moral of the story may be that if you are deferred, don't assume that it means you are not a good candidate. Just realize how few spots may have been available to non-athletes, and keep your options open at Bowdoin and elsewhere.</p>

<p>According to the Bowdoin admissions director, about 50% of ED admits are athletes so the 70% number is not correct. The other point to keep in mind is that virtually all athletes are admitted through the ED process so there will be very few of them in the RD pool.</p>

<p>Unknown is the breakdown of athletes between ED1 and ED2 - I think that most athletes are slotted through the ED1 process but I'm not certain on that. If the athetes are mostly in the ED1pool, competing with athletes may be less of problem in the ED2phase. . .</p>

<p>The 70% figure is not the figure this year. It WAS the figure a couple of years ago. I think it likely that 70% was a high water mark that Bowdoin is not eager to repeat. But anyone who could accurately predict what admissions people at elite schools will do would never have to "work" again. <g></g></p>

<p>I would venture to guess that you are correct about there being fewer athletes in the ED2 pool. And certainly there would be many fewer in the RD pool, given the high number in ED.</p>

<p>I haven't seen other schools letting on what percentage of ED is recruited athletes...has anyone else?</p>

<p>Son was encouraged to apply ED2 to another NESCAC college as an athletic recruit...ED2 was the route as he plays a winter sport and the coach wanted to watch him on his fall club team and first few weeks of the winter season</p>

<p>Bowdoin is numerically constrained as to how many tipped athletes it can admit. I believe the number is currently 74. All other NESCACs apply similar numerical restrictions, with the numbers ranging from 66 to somewhere in the 70s for all NESCACs. Also "tips" can only be effectively used in the ED process due to the numerical limits (coaches can't afford to use a tip on an athlete who has not made a commitment to go to Bowdoin as the tip would be wasted if the athlete decided to attend another school). Practically speaking, this means that all the NESCACs follow similar admissions practices at the ED stage and would devote a similar number of slots to athletes during the ED phase. Similarly, it means that the higher admit rate for ED applicants is a bit of an illusion as the numbers are scewed by the presence of a large number of athletes, who have a high admit rate due to the pre-application vetting process that occurs to ensure that tips are not wasted.</p>

<p>Right on the money, torasee!</p>

<p>Hey I am a student from Nepal. I am applying ED2 in Bowdoin.</p>

<p>My unweighted GPA is 3.75/4.0<br>
My college doesn't rank students...Percentile: Top 2%
Not too good SATs...I guess i won't send them...
ECs are good - President -Student Council, Alumni Reunion 2007 program, Science and Literature Committee; Coordinator - Team of Nepali to English Translators for the international documentary 'Women Rebels'...plus others...good Community service, leadership...Worked as Teacher Aide and Intern...Recos are good.
I can't much say abt essays. I don't know how to judge myself in an international scale....No APs (college didn't offer any)</p>

<p>Are these acceptable for a intl student applying for ED?</p>

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