I hate UCI

<p>I got into Davis, I got into SD, I thought I'd get into UCI. Instead, when I logged on to check my status I got this:</p>

<p>We are sorry that we are not able to offer you admission for fall quarter, 2008.</p>


<p>Your application to UC Irvine is now closed.</p>

<p>We appreciated your academic achievements and admired your extracurricular involvement. UCI's applicant pool was exceptionally qualified, and we regret that we do not have sufficient space to admit every applicant.</p>

<p>Thank you for your interest in UC Irvine. We wish you the very best in your educational future.</p>

<p>I'm shocked I didn't get in, but what makes me angry is how brief, insincere and cold the letter is.</p>

<p>I know. At least UCLA's rejection letter tried to make you feel better.</p>

<p>I know. At least UCLA's rejection letter tried to make you feel better.</p>

<p>I know. At least UCLA's rejection letter tried to make you feel better.</p>

<p>I know. At least UCLA's rejection letter tried to make you feel better.</p>

<p>Yeah Pudding thats true. This is such bull. I took 10 AP classes and was an AP Scholar with distinction. I had pretty decent EC's Community Service/English Tutor/Math Tutor/MUN/Amnesty International, I'm a Californian resident living in China, I got a 2020 on my SAT, I'm co-captain of the soccer team, a B/B+ average (and believe me its much ****ing harder to get good grades at this school than it is in an typical American public school, no condescenion intended), I'm a distinguished pianist (been playing for 12 years, won the highest awards possible for amateur pianists in China).</p>

<p>Maybe I shouldnt ***** too much. Maybe I should just join the club. Still, at this point I'm just offended. I worked like a horse for the past four years just to get snubbed by UCI.</p>


<p>I have to double check my application when I see your stats to make sure that they're not fooling me! </p>

<p>What the?</p>

<p>Maybe you were too good for UCI and thought you wouldn't have gone there anyways. =)</p>

<p>wow. at least u didnt get rejected from every uc though. (like me) i still dun know how that happened...</p>

<p>calm down! you have a good idea why they rejected you, right? you were overqualified so they pulled the tuffts card on you. They have the appeals for a reason, but judging what you claim to have done i don't think you would be going to irvine. you're better off than a lot of people and you should be thankful for that.</p>

<p>haha, same thing happened to me, man. I got into UCLA and Cal, but Irvine sent me that same message. Kinda cold, but I understand why they rejected me, they needed more room for people who might actually consider going there.</p>

<p>Maybe other UC's tell Irvine if they accepted you or not? Idk, if for some reason you do want to go to Irvine over the others you should appeal, but otherwise they probably just read you right, kinda like they read me right. I am very happy with the places I got in and was not even considering their school. In a way, they made a very smart admissions move by not admitting me.</p>

<p>haha sorry about all the multiple replies. I got an error message when replying to this thread, so I tried posting several times and I guess the site ended up posting all of my replies</p>

<p>So....I was rejected to UCI too. </p>

<p>I am kinda shocked because I got into UCSD, UCD, UCSC, and UCSB...did they reject me because they thought that I wouldn't go there???</p>

<p>All my friends with lower stats who didn't get into the above schools got into irvine!!</p>

<p>But the thing is that UCI is my NUMBER ONE CHOICE!!! They are the only UC that has the amazing Musical theater program that I want!!! :(</p>

<p>Should I appeal? I can put in my extensive theater resume and letters of rec from my drama and voice teacher, and explain that they really are the only UC with the right program for me. I also went though the death of a parent during high school and still prevailed with good grades. do i have a chance at getting in on appeal? I'm so sad...it's so ironic the only UC i wanted to go to is the one that i didn't get into...WTH</p>

<p>i have posted this before</p>

<p>if you appeal you risk losing all your other schools</p>

<p>UCs require you to accept their admittance by May 1st</p>

<p>most appeal UCs sites will say the appeals process may go beyond May 1st so it will be an all or nothing</p>

<p>it's your choice</p>

<p>but can't you submit your SIR for another campus and then if you get into the school you appealed for, you cancel it and you will just lose your deposit? (sucks but it may be worth it.)</p>

<p>JuliaMTgrl I think you should appeal - you have a valid point. You are obviously qualified to attend UCI and it is the only school besides UCLA with a great MT program. Did you emphasize the fact that you wanted to major in MT on your application? My daughter was strongly advised to do so by the UCI admissions counselor - and now I see why. UCI is such a great program, it seems like it's worth a shot for you to appeal. Good luck to you!!!</p>

<p>Both of my essays were obvious that I wanted to major in theater (because most of the UCs don't have MT), and i made COMPLETELY apparent that singing is completely my passion as well). I think that they just saw that i got into SD and assumed I would go to the theater program there. I'm going to appeal. I am just super bummed and kinda mad...but thanks for your answer, artheartmom!!</p>

<p>dont be too bummed julia. at least u got into ucs.</p>

<p>I know how it feels. Work your butt off from K-12 believing if you do right,you will be rewarded. This whole process is just not fun. Looking back, maybe I should have had a more relax outlook , it seems the outcome would have been the same.</p>

<p>true...i feel for you deepfriedeggroll! but it's just like no matter how good a college is...why go if they don't have the major you want? i would give you all of my other UC acceptances for a UCI acceptance.</p>