I hate Valentines day.

<p>Sorry, I had to start this thread...how big is v day at your school?! At my school, everyone's been giving out chocolate and roses all day...</p>

<p>We did a thing where our school gov't sold flowers to send. It went over well. And I got to spend mine with my girlfriend. First time I'm not single, and it's a pretty great feeling.</p>

<p>There was almost nothing that deviated from a normal day.</p>

<p>^^ Same, nothing different here.</p>

<p>Yeah, everything was boring. Except for one friend who freaked out over a guy, but he ended up not asking her out.</p>

<p>FBLA sells carnations so some people (mainly girls in relationships) carried around their flowers We made cards in AP french which was a little weird Some of my friends gave cards or candy to each other</p>

<p>Most people who do something are doing it after school like going out to dinner or a movie or whatever People are pretty into it at my school and nearly every couple does something</p>

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<p>^Demonstrating why I hate hashtags.</p>

<p>lol stress makes me pessimistic</p>

<p>Some people at my school even bought a whole bunch of balloons and presents just for themselves and carried them around all day either pretending that someone else gave it to them, or saying that they love themselves.</p>

<p>A lot of people at my school bought valentines to be delivered to themselves, but I think it was for the attached lollipop. It's kind of amazing how immature my classmates can be. :D</p>

<p>People bought singing grams so during class random people from choir/chorus would come and singing for certain people..annoying but wasted class time which is fine..</p>

<p>Couple brought gigantic stuffed animals. </p>

<p>It was cute. But icky. I love romance and all, but sometimes (seeing how 2 years ago valentine was the day when you got your heart broken) I really can't view v-day as a happy day.</p>

<p>A lot of girls were carrying flowers. And there were a more couples making out in the hallways than usual. Nasty!</p>

<p>It was pure insanity! All of the girls were carrying flowers! My boyfriend and I go to different schools about 2 hours away from each other so I was in a major grump mood all day!</p>

<p>You can't really say you hate Valentine's Day unless you're Teddy Roosevelt.</p>

<p>What's this Valentine's day thing that we are talking about? I always thought it was called Singles Awareness Day?</p>

<p>All kidding aside, mine wasn't that bad...at first. I got a little candy from friends, and I gave out so,e candy too. However, when I got home my dad became adamant about getting this surgery later on- my mom told me later that he read this thing on wikipedia about the symmetry hypothesis and how it's supposed to be good for you. I know about it. The surgery is basically only to make me look better. Even my dad thinks I'm ugly.</p>

<p>We don't do the whole valentines day thing at my school. I also find it slightly overrated. Maybe that's just because I'm single, but hey, I have my microscopes and books for company :)</p>

<p>We have the singing gram thing too. A guy sent one to me and I had to sit there for like two full minutes while seven boys from the top choir sang beautiful soul to me. It was incredibly awkward, but funny when it happened to other people. And it was nice because it wasted so much class</p>

<p>meh. it was a bit annoying at first, but my teacher gave out candy in english so I decided it's not so bad :D</p>

<p>a few people bought theseheart balloons to be sent to whoever they wanted during 1st period. in retrospect, I should have got a few for myself. :D some others did that</p>