I hate writing papers

<p>These things freaking suck. It seems like every damn night I've got a new paper to write. What am I really learning by doing these over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!!</p>

<p>AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! </p>

<p>sorry just venting....</p>

<p>Learning how to write well. Most new college students are shockingly bad at this.</p>

<p>Learning how to think critically, research, etc. isn't too bad either.</p>


<p>Get used to it yo.</p>

<p>You are learning the necessary skill of living with extreme frustration.</p>

<p>The only writing and non science/math course I'm taking is English, and my first essay for it is due in 2 weeks. I haven't written a single essay yet.</p>

<p>If you can't stand to write papers, I wouldn't recommend graduate school. I'm writing an undergraduate thesis (all students are required to at my college) this semester, and will write somewhere around 80 pages between that and my other classes this semester...and I'm only taking 13 credits.</p>

<p>Writing papers is a very effective way of aquiring knowledge. The process of researching and writing will help you to apply in new ways the basic principles of whatever you're learning in class.</p>

<p>Aside from the one history class I voluntarily signed up for, I think I wrote all of two papers after my freshman year.</p>

<p>/math major
//problem sets are easier... there's a right answer</p>

haha, i'm a terrible writer but i've gotten A's in english thorughout college because i tailor my essay towards the professor. For example, one of my professors was very feminist and really into minority rights so all my essays would invariably talk about how the white man is keeping us down and women's rights etc..</p>

<p>suffice it to say, i got an A :)</p>

<p>Thats the way to go^</p>

<p>Seriously. The best way to excel in college is to employ a little common sense. Life skills are necessary. Papers are less about what you actually have to say (this is important, don't misunderstand) and more about following rules and showing the professor you understand what they want you to understand (which is often biased towards their own personal leanings). Once you figure out how to read people and figure out what they want, papers will become easier.</p>

<p>Writing papers are better than studying for tests. The stress you feel comes from the duality of having a good thing.</p>

<p>Eww. I hate any kind of paper assignment that exceeds one page, depending on the subject it's about. Nevertheless, it's something I need more practice on, but I have already gotten my English credits out of the way before college and need not take a class any more. :( Yes, I agree with KarmaFairy that it is a very good way to acquire knowledge; it's the form of assignments which I learn the most from.</p>