I have 2 GPAS

Hi there! As a rising senior, I am currently a little confused with my GPA. Long story short, I went to my public school for freshmen year and transferred to a top private school for sophomore-senior year. My private school told me that they will not factor in my freshmen grades for my GPA, meaning i will have 2 GPAs. Freshmen year I didnt do so hot, but I took the 4 honor classes (the most you can have), and I ended up with a 3.75 weighted gpa (3.48 UW I based this UW GPA ONLY on my core academic subjects). Anyways, i got my game together and I finished my private school with a 3.9 UW (again only based on core academic subjects), which puts me at the top 10% of my class. The 3.9 is def enough to get me into some of my top reaches (ivys of course) but the 3.48 UW or 3.75 W freshmen is def not enough. Long story short, how will my colleges look at my GPA?

So you have a 3.9 UW for your sophomore/junior years?

You will probably still have to submit a transcript for your freshman year, and that will drag your overall down somewhat (hard to tell how much, because you only gave your “core” class GPA for freshman year), but not enough to be worried about in my opinion.

@NikFlynn Yes you are correct. My soph/junior year gpa is 3.9 UW. the 3.9 is also only on core classes. If you do some math it would be (3.48+3.9+3.9)/3 = 3.76 UW gpa. But I dont understand how colleges will be able to just do it like that, since my private school is way up beyond the level of my public school.

Well, they do generally do it just like that, BUT they also will consider your upward trend, and they will take into account that you went to a more challenging school after your freshman year. Long story short, your overall uwGPA won’t look all that great, but if the other elements of your application (especially test scores) are in the right range, it shouldn’t hold you back.

A 3.76 GPA is right about at the 95th percentile nationwide - I know on this site, it seems like everyone has a 3.90 or above, but that’s not representative of the real world.

Also, you can’t really do anything about it, so not much point in worrying.

A lot of colleges ignore freshman year scores since you show clear improvement and your gpa currently is amazing. I’m not sure about Ivy’s however.

Not a lot of schools ignore freshman year. Many CA schools do, but most use all data available.

@“Erin’s Dad” Well I know Standford and Princeton ignore freshmen year. I prob will apply to them but not for ED. Also one question… if I take a credited summer course, will that affect my GPA?

My daughter went to one school 9-10 grades with 0-100 grading. Then she went to another and did an IB Diploma for 11-12 grades which is 0-7. Never knew what her 4.0 scale GPA was…colleges figure it out. The only time there was an issue was for our State Flagship which awards scholarships based on GPAs , but a quick email sorted that out. So send your transcripts from both schools and the college will figure it out.

Is the credited summer course through your high school? Then yes it affects your GPA. If it is independent, be careful…you don’t want to take college courses (except dual enrollment) before you go to college or you will not be considered a freshman, but a transfer, and may not be eligible for merit scholarships.