I have 2 questions, need help

<p>It's nothing really that major, but I am interested: my physics teacher wrote me a decent recomendation, saying that I'm naturally very intelligent and shoeed great improvement throughout the year, becoming a very good problem solver and all... but for some unknown reason he said: "he was reluctant to get up in front of the class, but i could see from his test and lab performance that he was successfully developing good physics skills. First that's not exactly true, because i was willing to do homework problems on the board. Also, what is even the point of that sentence? It's physics, not drama for god's sake. Bottom line: how will the dean look at it, and can it sway his decision?
Second thing is this: I know that most colleges look at your first term report card from senior year. My GPA so far has been like a middle B, and it still is, but I'll probably be getting a C in AP Biology. Same question applies: will that C hurt my chances? I appreciate the help of whoever can reply.</p>