I have a better chance RD than ED2?

<p>So I have a bit of a complicated situation. I’m a recruited athlete, and I was planning on applying ED1 for a while. The coach I’ve been in contact with was pushing me to apply ED1 back in November.</p>

<p>Basically some complications arose regarding the recruitment process, and I ended up applying ED somewhere else. I was deferred at that school, and now I want to apply ED2 to Bowdoin.</p>

<p>The problem is that the coach advises RD over ED2 in the interest of maximizing my chances, which I find very strange. </p>

<p>He says it’s a tougher applicant pool, and that admissions doesn’t care whether or not Bowdoin is your first choice. </p>

<p>If this were true, why would they even have the option for ED?</p>

<p>I know that if I’m accepted to Bowdoin, I’ll definitely attend, and I want them to know that. What do I do?</p>

<p>Sounds like he used his tips in the ED1 process and does not have any left for ED2. You should probably ask him what he can bring to bear in the admissions process (a tip or just strong support) -- it's tipped athletes who make up a fair chunk of the ED2 admittees. Each coach has a certain number of tips for desired recruits but they are strictly limited as to number. Sounds like he had a tip for you in ED1 but used that tip on some other applicant when you decided to apply elsewhere.</p>

<p>I FEEL STUPID. did I give up my chance to go to Bowdoin..?</p>

<p>Very possibly -- the fact that he told you not to apply ed2 is a bad sign. You should listen to him since he probably knows exactly what can and cannot happen in ed2. Rd likely is a crapshoot for you where your status as an athlete will likely not be given much weight. Doesn't mean you don't stand a chance but the odds are longer than if you had applied ed1.</p>

<p>Alligator Blood--I hope this allays your fears--I know someone who was in your EXACT situation a few years ago, right down to "feeling stupid" like you describe. She loved Bowdoin from the get-go and had a recruited athlete spot but, for a host of reasons, applied ED elsewhere and was deferred. The day she was deferred (although she felt like a colossal idiot), she was on the phone to the Bowdoin coach who, like your coach, advised her to apply regular decision. I would follow the coach's advice. If you were recruited in the first place, the coach still wants you. I am sure he/she will do everything to get you RD. The number of accepted applicants in the ED II round is so small. All signs point to RD for you. Just try to relax. You are not the first person in this situation and I am sure you will not be the last.
BTW, my friend is at Bowdoin now...playing her sport and happy in every way.</p>