I have a "W" (withdrawn) on my transcript, am I doomed for college admissions?

I enrolled at our cc this summer for college bio and lab, my counselor later decided to not approve it for funding. Add/drop period is over so the course will be listed as “W” on my transcript at that school. I intend on going to Georgia tech or UGA, wil this be looked upon badly? Will this grade also show up on my college transcript as “w” when applying for graduate schools since I am technically enrolled at the college? I feel like my life is ruined guys please help

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  1. Don’t bump a question 10 minutes later. CC has people who volunteer to answer questions when they can. Patience is a virtue.

  2. No you are not doomed. Ask your guidance counselor to explain the W on your college applications by addressing the funding issue in his/her college recommendation. If for any reason your guidance counselor won’t do it, then you can write a very brief explanation of the circumstances in the additional comments section of your application.

  3. My S had one W on his full time college transcript (fell behind due to an illness and couldn’t catch up) and he had no issues with grad school.