I have ADD...

<p>...not really. At least I haven't been diagnosed with it, but I can't concentrate on anything long enough to do well in it. Its creating lots of problems at home and at school. I don't listen in class and I don't do homework at home. I can't even pay enough attention to listen to one sentence someone says. In fact, its taking me forever just to write this because I keep zoning out. </p>

<p>I'm posting under SAT + ACT Tests because I need quick tips to keep my mind from wandering during my SAT this Saturday. I took a practice test today and scored extremely low on it because I could pay attention long enough manage my time. Anything would help. I just need to figure out a way to stop zoning out for just one hour. Thats all I ask. I NEED TIPS ON PAYING ATTENTION (just incase you are like me and don't read anything that doesn't catch your eye) Thanks</p>

<p>i'm the same way...</p>

<p>moderate to heavy doses of caffeine (in form of red bulls or caffeine pills) help me sometimes... though it's not helping right now...i've been sitting playing minesweeper and bumming around on the internet for the past 8 hours w/o even scratching the surface of a lab report due tomorrow...</p>

<p>maybe also try 'centering' techniques like deep breathing and visualization</p>