I have an enrollment hold what does that mean?

(I’m a student transferring from community college to a 4 year university this spring) So the second I enrolled for student orientation two separate things popped up one is financial agreement and an enrollment hold “reason:meet with dean/advisor”. What does this mean ? Should I be worried? will I get in trouble?
The reason I asked is because I got one B and 2 Cs last semester and I’ve been nervous but an advisor while back said they don’t rescind revoke students for something like that but still I’m nervous. Maybe it’s something completed during orientation? Because it says during orientation we meet with an advisor and that enrollment hold popped up the second I signed for orientation. What could this possibly mean?
Thank you!

It just means you can’t register for classes until you meet with a dean or adviser. They want to make sure you have the right courses so you are on track to graduate. Financial agreement is that you are going to pay.

It sounds like the meeting with your advisor is probably a routine thing that is needed for all transfer students. I wouldn’t worry about it at all as long as you are scheduled to meet with your advisor (perhaps at the orientation). It will probably be a useful, informative, and interesting meeting.

We attended an orientation for incoming students last year (my youngest started university this past September), and it was a valuable and very positive experience and well worth the trip.