I have an **EXTREMELY** important question

<p>When you choose EC's, do you have to show diversity? or Passion? Which is better? I've been seeing alot of chance me threads lately and the most repetitive thing I've been seeing is that the potential applicant has been involved in the academic team, key club, student govt., hospital volunteering, track/or whatever sport, and a whole alot of other crap. Quite frankly, I am now confused. I have always been told to do the things I like the most. And to this point, that's all i've ever done. But when i see these applications, I feel like i've made a big mistake. Maybe I should've joined the key club, played a sport, ran for student council---but it doesn't interest me. I am a sciency guy and the only things in my school related to science are a couple of things. Keep in mind that i go to a underprivileged high school so my options are very limited.</p>

<p>Express your passion/interest in your EC's and you'll be fine. They only care about your EC's if your scores/grades are up to par anyway.</p>

<p>And, "a couple of things" is usually just perfect :) (depending on what they are)</p>