I have been arguing with my dad... opinion

<p>I know that I want to go to a LAC. I want to go ivy (UPenn or Columbia) but I think i have a slim chance. My dad is on the other extreme and is like "this school is giving you this" and "you should go here (mainly state schools)". Someone please tell me that Trinity is a close to sure thing for me. I am a hispanic male with a 1410 on my SATs (only took once). I am 4th in my class of 240, will graduate with 7 APs, and am a 3 year varsity wrestler. I recieved national merit scholar commendation, was deemed national hispanic scholar, and have all the usual ECs (NHS, FLHS, MHS, math club, student council, history and government... etc). I am a first generation american and my parents didn't go to college. Please assure me that Trinity would take me (cause my dad is making me feel pretty torn). I would love to go to Trinity.</p>

<p>I think you have an excellent chance. There are no guarantees, but my daughter has looked at Trinity and I know their admission stats, and you would be a superb candidate for them. </p>

<p>By the way, I liked the school very much; the campus had a friendly, energetic feel to it. good luck!</p>