I have been stressing out.

Hi guys!

I just joined the College Confidential Community! :smiley:

I joined to receive insight, because I have been stressing out over college.

I have just recently ended my sophomore year with a 2.8-2.9 GPA (2.8889) to be exact and I’m stressing out cause that’s CRAZY low for some of the colleges I have been looking into.

I have only taken honors classes all through my freshmen and sophomore year of high school, because as a student I knew I could handle the weight of honors classes. My freshmen year was really hard for me because I was bullied and was unable to completely concentrate in my classes (The kid eventually got expelled from school). At the start of my summer my mom received a job transfer in ANOTHER state. This completely crushed me and I fell into depression, and by the time school was supposed to start I was not in the best mental state to go through with it. Nonetheless I still managed to get passing grades. I have a 2.8 U/W GPA and 3.6 Weighted.

I started rebounding from depression and finally settling in around my second semester of my Sophomore year. And next year I am DETERMINED to get Straight A’s and do a lot of EC and volunteer work in order to show an upward trend in my transcripts. Honestly my first two years of high school do not represent who I am as a student. I want to go to a good college and major in business.

If I calculated correctly If I get straight A’s my Junior year it should be enough to get my U/W GPA at or very near a 3.4 and my Weighted GPA a 4.0+. Sophomore year I took the ACT Aspire (Basically like an estimate of our ACT score) And I got an estimate score of 27-30pts out of 36pts. (I Expect it to be higher for the REAL ACT’s because I’ve been test prepping)

But if I did manage to get a 3.4 GPA and an ACT composite score of around 28 points, what Business College/University could I apply to? Location really isn’t an issue.
And will I still be eligible to apply to NYU?

You would most likely be best suited to attend your state schools. NYU would be a big reach with those stats, but if you do get straight A’s throughout the remainder of high school and can get a higher ACT (like 32+), and have good ECs you could have a chance there.