I have consistently been getting..

<p>-7 wrong in CR
-6 in writing + 10-11 on essay
-1 in math
How would i fare on the real test?
I don't have book w/ me (not at house and it has strange score ranges..)
Also what would my scores be.
Last time in May
I missed 13 in CR + 2 omit = 630
I missed 2 in Math (might be 1) and got 780
i missed 6 in writing (however there were only 48 questions.. how is there not 49?) and got a 9 on essay = 690
So can anyone help me?
Edit my CR score is like -5-6 because i.... changed the answer AFTER i finished the test lol. I took it under real test conditions.</p>

<p>i think it would be</p>

<p>CR - 710 or 720
W - 730 ..
Maths - 790</p>

<p>Its j</p>