I have D on math...what should I do?

<p>I have one D and one C on math.</p>

<p>but my SAT math score is 800
SAT2 Math2c is 800
AP calculus BC is 5</p>

<p>Math in my school is really difficult..It's not that I did not try. I attended every class, behaved well, but I was not good on tests..(it was toooo difficult.)</p>

<p>I am applying to a top LAC. I'm really worried because of my math grade..
Will my math grades affect greatly on my chance?</p>

<p>Yes, your math grade will hurt your chances a lot. Even if you didn't have an 800 on your math SAT, top colleges would probably not take a student who's getting a "D" in math. They also may avoid a student with 800 math scores and a 5 in AP calculus who gets a "C" in math. However, the fact that you have an 800 math score indicates you're very talented in math, so the coleges would have even more reasons to be scared away by your "D" or even by a "C" : The colleges would assume that you're very lazy.</p>

<p>Get a tutor, get advice from your teacher, study harder and do whatever you can (without cheating) to raise that grade. Make sure, too, that you have real match schools and real safeties that you'd enjoy attending.</p>

<p>Definitely get one of your math teachers to write you a recommendation. That would be one way to show colleges that you're not lazy or slacking off in math.</p>

<p>i tihnk you should somehow explain your situation in your personal statemtns, but i believe the 5 on the AP and 800 score will lighten the situation by quite a bit.</p>

<p>You should have went to summer school if it was possible for the D not the C. Even though you got a high score on the AP test but got a D in the class shows that you are incosistent.</p>