I have just about given up on CR...

<p>I just don't get it. Every test I do I get either a 630-650. I cant seem to get to the 680's. I ALWAYS get down to 2 freaking answers on the difficulty 4 and 5 questions on passage based reading and guess wrong. I am not lieing. 80% of the time I guess wrong with at least 2 or 3 choices out. I don't get why my guessing skills are so bad >.<. So does anyone have any suggestions...?</p>

<p>simple: choose the opposite answer that you think it's right</p>

<p>lol -_-. I do that sometimes and sometimes I don't.. :D</p>

<p>same with me but with writing uhhhhh we arent gunna get into college lol</p>

<p>Learn2guess lawl!!11one</p>