I have no admissions letter and the enrollment deadline is may 1st!!!

<p>please help I dont know what to do. I just got a mail that says the university has not recieved an enrollment confirmation from me yet and that the deadline is may 1st.I live in Chile and I doubt the letter will get here this week.</p>

<p>do it online!</p>

<p>you cant do it online. its the u. of minnesota twin-cities btw</p>

<p>o ummm fly there and give it to them if it's really that important and i think u can just use express mail</p>

<p>If you cannot e-mail them a note, you can fax them a breif note of your intention to enroll</p>

<p>federal express</p>

<p>Give them a call. </p>

<p>Maybe your enrollment confirmation came in after they sent you the letter, which could have taken over a week to get to YOU. ;)</p>

<p>but I dont even have the admissions letter yet..........</p>

<p>guys, I cant and I havent sent anything to them because first I need to get the acceptance letter from them which comes with the enrollment form I must fill.</p>

<p>Wait. So what happened was you got a letter saying the enrollment deadline is coming up, but you haven't received an acceptance letter? </p>

<p>Definitely give them a call tomorrow.</p>

<p>exactly that. online only says they mailed the decision at april 13. but since I live in Chile who knows when it will get here.</p>

<p>so you don't even know if you've been admitted? Call them and ask. By the way doesn't the enrollment thing have to be postmarked by 5/1?</p>

<p>Absolutely call them and explain the whole thing. I'm sure they'll work things out with you.</p>

<p>Contact the school I'm sure they'll understand.</p>

<p>Do two things...call and FAX them, a signature will go a long way, and have them FAX you the forms, then you fill them out fax them back and snail them back too</p>

<p>I am sure they must have faxes in Chili</p>

<p>stonesoul, follow all the above advice and know that you are not alone. Most schools in the states don't realize how complex mail issues are for internationals. We used the telephone alot, unfortunately, to get information in a timely manner.</p>

<p>If you can email us, you can also email them, along with faxing etc. Do it all!!! Just say, you are using all the resources at your disposal as the mail, etc is a bit slow and you really want to be sure all your paperwork is done////</p>