I have no clue what to major in!

I am a sophomore in college and I have no clue what to major in. The few things that I have thought about majoring in are all completely different and not related to each other in the slightest. My biggest fear is choosing the wrong major and then deciding I want to do something else and it is too late. I change my mind constantly.

Where do you see yourself as a professional? What do you like to do? What college courses do you enjoy the most? How would you like to earn a living? Do you see yourself continuing your education in grad or professional school? Just imagine yourself 10-15 years from now. Also - people change careers all the time. No worries. Do you have to decide by the end of the next semester?


What do you enjoy? What are you good at? When do you need to declare a major?

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Take the few things your thinking of majoring them and combine them and Google search them together. You will be surprised at how many unique jobs are out there with those interest. Some schools let you make your own major also. After playing around a bit talk to your school advisor, professors etc. They are all there to help.

What are the specific majors to which you are attracted and why ?

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What do you like? What are you good at?

Some degrees are general enough to give you multiple options. Not a fan of double majors but might be one approach in your case.

Have you taken the career aptitude test?
Your career center should give you one.


If you have multiple interests, many schools will let you create an interdisciplinary major.

Having a major doesn’t necessarily equate to a profession because most majors are not pre professional…anthropology, sociology, literature, bio, math, etc.

You’ll likely, like many do, go to grad school or stumble into a trainee type corporate role, learn about things you didn’t know existed, and either fall in love with it and grow or via exposure, see other avenues of real life.

Life is a 9 inning game. You’re in the first inning.

Even if you choose a major and later on decide you don’t like it, you can take more time to graduate and switch up. Or you can buckle down and just get through it.

Life is full of choice. Where to eat out for dinner, where to go on vacation.

Everyone analyzes or has a process to choose in a different manner.

Find your way…whether it’s flipping a coin, creating a pros and cons list, or putting paper in a hat and pulling one out and going with what it says…find the way that works for you so that this doesn’t take over your life. After all, we all make decisions each and every day. I’m sure there’s probably many majors to suit you and find one or two and go with them. Or do one and a minor.

Finally once you decide, go with it, believe in your choice, and avoid the what if’s.

Life gives you a lot of years to experience so many things.

What you are going through is very common.

Another idea….If there are several areas of study that interest you, see if you can create a theme and go to an advisor to learn how to create your own major. Maybe you have an interest in healthcare and culture and there’s a way to apply geography or anthropology with health courses. Or this and even more like sociology. Interdisciplinary is a key trait of the 2020s. While you say things of potential interest don’t match one another you might be surprised there is actually a possible theme there. Throw some possibilities out and less us help you. Some schools will even let you do two minors and create a major from that.

Good luck.


Yes, what tsbna44 said! Choosing a major doesn’t lock you into a specific career; many people work in roles that aren’t related to their undergraduate major at all, and people change careers all the time.

What classes have you taken that you enjoy? What do you like learning more about? Do you have dealbreakers or things you know you won’t do or like?

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What classes have you taken so far, and which ones have you liked most?
What kind of work environments and tasks do you like or dislike?
It’s hard to give advice/suggestions in the abstract, knowing absolutely nothing about your background, interests, and aptitudes…

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