Is there a good chance that i will admitted to ivy college or some decent college if i have absolutely no extracurricular but sat score - 1600 and i took 5 Ap’s in computer a , cal bc , phy c: mechanics , physics C; electricity and chemistry and in all 5.0/5.0

and i learn by myself about cybersecurity.

Teaching yourself about cyber security might be considered an EC, but do you really do nothing else? Do you have a job? Babysit? Volunteer at church? Take care of an elderly relative? Think hard. There are many things that are ECs that students don’t consider.

As far as Ivy League schools, yes, they like to see some level of involvement in things outside of school, but not everyone who gets admitted has been in six clubs and started a non-profit. You have a 100% chance of being admitted to a decent college. There are thousands of fine schools that would love to have a high stats student.

What do you do when you are not in school?

“Some decent college” will definitely be possible. My daughters applied to universities in Canada (including McGill) which did not even ask about ECs. You should be able to get into good in-state public universities with no ECs at all.

However, almost anything that you do outside of your school work is an EC. If you have a job, that is an EC. If you help your parents with a small business that they run, or if you take care of younger siblings, that is an EC. If you tutor other students, that is an EC.

An “extracurricular activity” does not need to be associated with a club or sport at your high school.

In terms of “learn by myself about cybersecurity”, which side were you on? I have heard that there are some cybersecurity experts who are now protecting networks, but who when they were young were active on the other side – and you might not want to tell us if you did anything too notorious.

thank you sir for your help

The ivies very much do care about what you have done outside of school. However, there are colleges very close to them in both quality and rankings that will not care. That’s why it is important that you research each college individually.

It sounds like you are an international student. That will make research even more important, because the American schools that don’t care as much about extracurricular activities in many cases are not the ones who are likely to give you any financial aid. That picture could look quite different in Canada or Europe, though.