I Have NO Federal Tax Return

My parents are required to submit federal tax return for 2016 as a part of IDOC if I want to apply for financial aid. The problem is that in my country it isn’t even a thing and is still being introduced. The only thing they can find is federal tax return for 2017 that was approved by Tax Inspectorate. The deadline for one of the universities has already passed. What should I do?
PS. I’m required to submit federal tax return too even though I didn’t earn a penny in my life. What should I do?

Need Help ASAP

You provide what you can. If you did not work, you tell them that. They might require a signed statement. For your family, you might have to explain how taxes are taken or paid.

Does federal tax return need tax incorporate’s stamp? Is it better to ask this question directly to the university? Can it backfire somehow if I ask them directly?

It is best to ask the university directly, so that you can be instructed regarding the specific documents they require for your personal situation.