I have no idea what college I want to go to..I'm a senior, HELP.

I’ve researched a couple colleges but the tuitions rates are so expensive! I had a few selective colleges in mind like UChicago or Duke. Although I doubt my academics meet their standards.
Here are a few stats about me: (ik they’re not very good): )
-GPA,weighted3.77 unweighted3.66
-rank 80 out of 299
-ACT score 25 (will be retaking it, shooting for a 30).

  • I didn’t take a lot of rigorous courses… freshman year=none sophomore= 2honor classes junior=1AP&honors senior=2 AP
    -National honor society
    -volunteer at local senior center (for about 3 years now)
    -swim team (sophomore&senior)
    -art club
    I am a non us citizen (moved here when i was 8)so tuition cost will definitely be higher for me, I wouldn’t mind expanding my options to schools in other countries such as england and Canada!
    Thanks for your help!

Tuition will only be higher at public (state) universities- at private universities (such as UChicago and Duke) you will pay the same as anyone else (allowing for financial and merit aid variables).

The two you have mentioned look unlikely to me- not just your ACT, but course rigor, ECs all the usual suspects. For the UK you will need APs / SATIIs (a minimum of 3). What scores you apply with will determine what you qualify for. Be aware that few UK schools will have any financial aid (though you can use FAFSA).

Check out colleges like these:


What is your state of residence? How long have you lived there – in particular how long have you been going to high school there?

That you are not a US citizen may have no bearing on whether or not you are considered a “resident” by your state’s university system.

If you are considered a resident by your state’s public college system your tuition will be much lower than for non-residents. You may also be eligible for need-based financial aid.

Your stats while not stellar may be high enough for admissions to your state’s public system. I encourage you to explore that option.

Are you a permanent resident, though?

How much can you afford per year? Also definitely stop looking at UChicago and Duke and focus on more realistic schools.

What’s your financial situation like? A lot of private schools give a lot of financial aid to low income students.
Also like others have said your specific situation could still qualify you for in state tuition.

Adjust your list for sure. Include colleges in-state and a nearby community college. UChicago and Duke and other similarly top selective schools are out of range. What would you like to major in?

You need to talk to your parents as soon as possible. College tuition is high, but the only issue is if your parents can and will pay or not, based on what financial aid and/or scholarships you would get.