I have no idea what i want to major in.. Help?

<p>I always thought that I would be a science major and apply to med school after college, but now that I think about it, I believe I would not enjoy it. I really like psychology, economics and business.
I have been looking at the majors that L&S offers and the only ones that really interest me are: Cognitive Science,Public Health, Psychology and Pre-Business & then apply to Haas ( I know it's hard to get in)
What can you do with a major in Cognitive Science? I plan on going to grad school..but would like to work for a year or two after graduating from college. I think I would enjoy following the pre business track and have cognitive science as my back up... but I don't know what you can do with Cognitive Science.. I looked at the career center website and it says that some cognitive science majors become teachers, but I dont want to do that .</p>

<p>Public Health would be interesting too, and it requires you to take more science classes, and if I decide I want to apply to med school, it would help me. I haven't completely ruled out being pre-med, I'm just not sure. I've heard that Cal is not a good place to be pre med, because of the competition. I'm not scared of it, but I want to enjoy my 4 years and not be always worried about not being good enough. </p>

<p>How should I plan my classes for my first year, all I know is that I will be taking Math 16A and maybe German even though I don't need it because I passed two language AP tests.</p>

<p>In general, if you're undecided, take the classes that would overlap with every possible major you might do in order to avoid wasting time. Note, I haven't really looked at the prereqs for every major you're thinking of, but I think if you do </p>

<p>Econ 1 (Econ/Haas/Public Health/Breadth requirement)
Psych 1 (CogSci/Breadth/Public Health/not too strenuous class)
Math 1A (CogSci/Econ/Haas/Public Health/ better to take at the very least Math 1A and then 16b to see if you can handle "real" calculus)</p>

<p>and another class or decal</p>

<p>If you take these classes your first semester, you'll be taking classes with significant overlap between the majors you're thinking about and therefore, won't have wasted anyt time with classes you won't need later. Note, I am none of those majors so I'd double check to make sure I haven't misinformed you, but I'm pretty sure about the Econ/Haas overlapping-ness.</p>

<p>^^i was just about post same thing. overlap is good because if you take these classes you will already be prepared for a bunch of majors, but it still gives you the flexibility to change your mind without being set back too much in terms of graduating on time</p>



<p>The career center has some answers to this very question here:
<a href="https://career.berkeley.edu/Major/CogSci.stm%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://career.berkeley.edu/Major/CogSci.stm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You can check the job and career prospects of various majors at the same web site.</p>

<p>Some prerequisites to be aware of:</p>

<p>Math: Economics "less math" requires 16B. Economics "more math" requires 53 and 54, Cognitive Science requires 1A and 55. Business requires 1A and 1B, 16A and 16B, 5 on BC and 1B, 5 on BC and 16B, or 53 or 54. Psychology accepts 54 or 55 for its quantitative requirement in lieu of Statistics 2, 20, or 21. Public Health requires two math courses, although it lists 32 (precalculus) as an allowed one (so it is possible to do 32 and 1A or 32 and 16A).</p>

<p>Statistics: Business requires 20 or 21; Economics requires 20, 21, 131A, or 134; Psychology requires 2, 20, or 21 unless you take Math 54 or 55.</p>

<p>Economics: Economics and Business require 1. Public Health allows 1 for its social studies requirement.</p>

<p>Computer Science: Cognitive Science requires 61A or Engineering 7. But 61A is a prerequisite to one of the upper division requirements for Cognitive Science.</p>

<p>Psychology: Psychology requires 1. Cognitive Science has many requirements that can be fulfilled by upper division Psychology courses, some of which may have 1 as a prerequisite. Public Health allows 1 for its social studies requirement.</p>

<p>Biology: Psychology requires two biology courses. Public Health requires 1A or two other biology courses. Cognitive Science requires MCB 61 (which can be used for Psychology or Public Health).</p>

<p>Reading and Composition: Business requires it to be fulfilled before applying to the major. You need an A course and a B course. A score of 4 on AP English satisfies A; 5 on AP English Literature satisfies A and B except in the College of Engineering.</p>

<p>L&S</a> 7 course breadth: All of your majors except Business are in L&S. Business has the same breadth, with [some</a> additional limitations<a href="e.g.%20cannot%20use%20Business%20or%20certain%20Economics%20courses%20for%20breadth">/url</a>.</p>

<p>To maximize requirement coverage for all of your possible majors, consider the following courses:</p>

<p>Math 1A [url=<a href="http://math.berkeley.edu/courses_AP.html%5Dor"&gt;http://math.berkeley.edu/courses_AP.html]or&lt;/a> higher depending on AP credit](<a href="http://haas.berkeley.edu/Undergrad/breadth_list.html%5Dsome"&gt;http://haas.berkeley.edu/Undergrad/breadth_list.html), followed by additional math as needed for your proposed majors
Reading and Composition if needed
Computer Science 61A
MCB 61
Statistics 20 or 21
Economics 1
Psychology 1
Breadth courses in categories that would not be satisfied by courses for your major (though if you major in Business, you cannot use your major courses for breadth)</p>

<p>Obviously, that is more than one semester's worth of courses. But when planning your courses, choose perhaps four of them per semester, but keep the others as possibilities if you need to replace a course that is full or that you are otherwise unable to take.</p>

<p>Thank you guys soo much for your answers!! I was so confused, but now I undestand that it's okay to be undecided your first year.</p>