I have no Idea where I could get in to as a transfer

I want to transfer schools but have no idea where I could get in due to my complicated academic history. To give you the Cliff Notes version, I graduated from high school in 2016, went off to college, and proceeded to flunk out after a year due to severe depression. I then moved back home and attended, then flunk out of community college. After that, I spent a couple of years smoking weed in my parent’s garage before finally putting my life together and attending the school I’m at now. I like my major (ME), but I don’t like my current school (Vaughn college, a tiny aviation-focused school in NYC).


current school: Vaughn College (New York)
Grade: Softmore
Major: ME
GPA: 4.0 out of 4.0
Extracurriculars: none, working, school, and exercising not to go crazy are all the activities I have the bandwidth for.
Important note: As far as my current school knows, they are the first college I ever attended.

Past Colleges:

Colorado State University
Time: 1 year (2016 - 2017)
Major: CE
GPA: 1.65 out of 4.0

Community college (in California)
Time: 3 semesters (2017 to 2018)
Major: Undeclared
GPA: 0.7 out of 4.0

High school: (California)
Time: Graduated 2016
GPA: 3.9 weighted
SAT: 1470

As you can see, my academic history is a complete mess, which leaves me wondering where I can possibly transfer. Could it be worth risking leaving off my past schooling and hoping that schools don’t catch it? My current school hasn’t ever noticed, but they are very disorganized. If I put everything on my applications, who might still take me with all this baggage? Em, I only looking at schools that have 90+ acceptance rates, or are over schools potentially open to me? I’m obviously not trying to go to an HYPSM, but I’m wondering if I could get into something like a state school that is in between admitting everyone and being super exclusive.

The only real thing I care about is the quality of the engineering department, but If I had the choice, I would like somewhere bigger rather than smaller and west over east.

Thanks for your advice.

There is a National Clearinghouse that will have your college transcript records, so no you cannot leave off any of your college academic history. The good news is that most colleges will take into account your more recent GPA and academics vs. your earlier history however depending upon which schools you plan to apply, your cumulative GPA will need to be considered.

How long as you have been at your current college?

The longer you can maintain a 4.0 GPA at your current school the more that it will help you. As more time goes by and you are able to obtain more A’s (and even a few B’s), your past becomes more distant and less important.

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You’ve done well at your current school in a demanding major. Many schools will grant you a bit of grace for your initial failures. They occurred quite a while ago and you’ve shown you’ve matured and can perform well in college. I’d suggest applying to a range of schools. How you present yourself in your application via your grades, essays, LORs and ECs is what matters. If I can find it I’ll link the thread of a poster had a challenging childhood with multiple arrests etc…cleaned up his act and went back to school and was admitted to Amherst and Cornell. You never know how your application will be viewed by the admissions committee.

And as previously mentioned you need to submit all transcripts from HS on as part of your application.

Congratulations on finding your path and good luck with your applications!

Here is the link College admissions and felony arrests