I have no idea where I fall on the spectrum! I'm all over the place!

I have no idea what a college will see in a student like me! I’m entering my senior year and with college apps and essays taking over my life where I’ll be accepted to is a mystery. I’m not an average student, but I’m not a special case; which is why I am reaching out here to maybe get some feedback on what everyone on here thinks I have a chance at, or if I stand a chance at all against my tentative college list. If I don’t please suggest where I should be looking (and throw out some safety school ideas)

SCHOOL: Giant and Public
ME: 2nd Gen European (speaks another language with parent #2)
GPA: 3.40 UW 3.622 W
High School: Big, sends exactly 1 kid to ivy’s every year, the rest go to local or state college.
SAT: 1880 (no studying, will take again, aiming 2100)
ACT/SAT Essays: 10
-All honors courses throughout high school. All A’s in all classes except I have gotten C’s in all math classes. My freshman year was rough with 3 B’s. *** My High school grades on a 7 pt grading scale where a 92% is a B, which really screwed me over because nearly all my bad grades would have been counted as a letter higher on a 90-100 = A system ***
-AP Classes: AP Chem B (3) AP Eng 11 A+ (5) Will be taking AP Comp Gov, AP Eng 12, and possibly AP US Gov. (school doesn’t offer many AP’s) I will be taking Psych and Criminal Justice at a stellar college this upcoming semester + more next.

–Pre-High School: Founded Middle School’s lead and seed club, choreography and musical theater
–Freshman: Honors Program, Honors Chorus, Musical Theater, Mock Trial, Debate
–Sophomore: Honors Program, Honors Chorus, 9/10th grade Student Government Vice-President, (I founded a school spirit program that has been very successful in connecting the school and is still going strong today) Mock Trial Chairwomen (did all presidential duties) Debate: Harvard Octo-Finalist, State Tournament Semi-Finalist
–Junior: Honors College, Student Government 9-12 Executive Board Homeroom, Mock Trial Chairwomen, Debate: Wake Forest Semi-Finalist, Princeton Semifinalist in two events, Harvard Octo-Finalist,Quarter-finalist at Yale, and the Glenbrooks. 3rd at Laird Lewis National Circuit Tournament (!!) 2nd in State, 11th at Tournament of Champions, 16th at Nationals
–Senior Year: (Yet to start) Student Government President, (in charge of running a very successful blood-drive program), Mock Trial President, Internships with Women’s care center, voter registration office, a lawyer that is yet to be determined, and hopefully some more campaigns.

-Went to competitive and prestigious summer conference/camp for empowering women leaders around the world (most girls were international) There I worked with UN ambassadors, Harvard faculty and mason fellows, and important politicians to create my program: a voter registration program on college campus’ pushing students to register to vote and combat civic complacency!! Its gonna be amazing. I’m really passionate about this. Hopefully I will also be able to create an internship program between high school students and court houses/new lawyers.
-Church Bell Choir
-Church Youth Program (480 hrs)
-2 Judicial Campaigns
-Internship with State Representative and Governor (also worked on their campaigns)

Until high school I went to a very small school in the country, then my mom forcefully transferred me to the city school she teaches at. I had a lot of trouble adjusting (bad freshman grades) Debate took me out of school quite a bit which was hard. My parent got in a bad accident the day before finals week last year and almost died/lost memory which was a big impact on grades/mental health. all this without being medicated for diagnosed ADD. I know I am going to have amazing rec letters from teachers and coaches etc and I am a very very strong writer. I think im at an advantage with my poor grades because they’re condensed to a specific subject (math) not spread throughout my transcript. What do you think?

Possibly Applying To: Barnard, Bates, Bryn Mawr, Middlebury, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Swarthmore, UChicago, UNC (Legacy), Wellesley, Simmons, Providence, UVermont, Emerson, Wooster

Intended Major: Political Science/International Relations

Chances at UChicago will depend on your SAT breakdown. They ignore writing, so we’d need your CR+M score to chance properly at Chicago. With a 3.4 unweighted GPA, however, I think Chicago will likely be a long shot.

The main issue is that, although your bad grades are mostly in one subject (math), if you’re an aspiring PoliSci major you’ll find that data processing and formulas are a major element in some courses. I’d suggest working on this during the summer preceding your matriculation, wherever you may get in.

I don’t know enough about the other schools to properly chance so, rather than write something stupid and misleading, I’m not going to chance you for them.

You should add GWU and American U on your list. As for your “things that might make a difference”, the transferring and struggling with debate are excuses for your grades. Not reasons that prevented you from getting higher grades. The accident that almost took your parents life is however an obvious setback.