I have not received my decision yet. I am SO nervous.

<p>I know I should just be patient, but is anyone else freaking out? How will I know my decision? Where do I have to look? 8-| </p>

<p>If your decision is out and the email went to spam or something you can find it in your portal at UCR. Have you set that up? It also may just not be out yet.</p>

<p>My son has not received any decision yet either, although many in his HS have received notices. We all just have to wait until we see something move on MyUCR. Hang in there!</p>

<p>Yes, I have set up my portal. I hope this late notice doesn’t mean anything bad…</p>

<p>sunflower and liveonboca: My older son applied last year and UCR did not send out any acceptances until Feb 1 and of those acceptances, they were the Regent/Chancellor scholarship winners and GAP students. My son’s best friend did not hear until April. Just hang in there. You should be hearing soon. UCR is unusually early with acceptances this year. Like several CC’s have stated, I think they are trying to “woo” the higher achieving students before the rest of UC decisions are posted.</p>