I have scored 200 on October 2006 PSAT Test, Do I have any chance for NM this October

<p>I took the 2006 actual test today and I missed 9 qns in Reading, 3 qns in Math, and 7 qns in Writing. The composite score is 200. It appears that every question has two point weight in the test. How many questions one can miss to get a composite score of215? </p>

<p>I hardly miss any Math, so I am hopeful to nail a 80 in the actual test. This should put me right in the cutoff score of 213 for Florida. I need to practice more in writing to trim it to 4 or 5 mistakes. In Reading, I need to cut it to 8 at the most. I hope that I can get a perfect score in Math.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any other tips? Thanks</p>

<p>No, 200 is too low but you get national commended.</p>

<p>Edit: reread your question. Yes you have a chance. depending where you are, you'll need to improve 5-20 points.</p>

<p>My daughter's PSAT went up 28 points between sophomore and junior year and she made NMS in Maryland. Many of the writing questions are agreement errors (subject-verb, pronoun, parallelism). Good luck.</p>