I have serious questions about ACT English and overall of the test.

I have more questions about ACT.
I have some trouble comparing the prepositions.
For example,
Suger cane comes __________ contradictions and ambivalence as Toomer weaves the image into situations and settings that are both nurturing and disturbing.
a. to represent
b. from represent
c. with representing
d. up to representing

These kind of questions kill me when comes out.

And also the questions like
It was grim place on the day we ____ a baby bird lying dead in the tall tree.

a. came across
b. came upon
c. found upon
d. discovered

This kind of questions also kills me when solving ACT Englsih.

Lastly, can you guys give me some advice studying ACT?

My current mock test score is:

-11 English
-4 Math
-10 Reading
-5 Science
10 Writing

I really need my score to be more than 33 before October;;

Is there any advice for me to study ACT?
I have plenty of questions with me that are quite accurate and follows the current test trends.
I’m specifically asking after I finish with solving one full time test, how could I review the test questions and study more by my self?

Thanks ^^


Try the SAT. The ACT doesn’t seem to be looking very hot for you. At this rate, there is no way you can get >~33 by October.

Are these your composite scores? Or is this a list of the number of questions you are getting wrong in each section.
-11 English
-4 Math
-10 Reading
-5 Science
10 Writing

They are the wrong answers


Check your PMs