I have to imagine I'm not the first to make this mistake..

<p>.. and certainly not the first to bring it up, but on the common app preview in the activities section my descriptions are cut off. They're not very bad, and you can tell what is trying to be said (ie- "in the scho-) because it's basically just the last word getting cut off. However is it bad if the application is already submitted and I can't edit it? Is there anything that can even be done about it?</p>

<p>Well no, there is nothing that can be done about it now. Unfortunately for you, if you had been on CC anytime since August you would’ve seen the outcry over words getting cut off on Common App.</p>

<p>The advice for anyone who hasn’t submitted is to shorten their sentences. But for you, worrying about it won’t do anything. It won’t keep you out of any school.</p>

<p>No you cannot change it now. I think they really should make it more clear that the colleges will only see what’s in the preview. They should put it in the directions for the activities section</p>

<p>This happens to a lot of people and colleges understand the problem. It shouldn’t affect your application process. Also, I’m pretty sure that colleges have the ability to download your application both as a pdf (which shows them the same view you see on preview) or electronically (which gives them access to everything you wrote even though it isn’t visible on the preview.)</p>


I saw a lot of threads about this, but I wasn’t working on my common app by that time, so now I see why there was outcry over this.

I agree. Now I have to shorten my description even more.</p>

<p>It’s sort of ridiculous. Like would it kill them to give you an extra fifty characters? Really?</p>

<p>Does this also apply to the short answer about one of our EC activities?</p>



<p>Yes, look at the print preview and you’ll see if yours fits.</p>