I have to take the ALEKS exam and I'm not seeing all of the prep concepts

I am an incoming freshman at Dallas College (DCCCD) and I enrolling in courses for Computer Science transfer credits at the University of Texas at Dallas. The first math class that I have to take is MATH 2413 (Calculus I), but there are other prerequisites that I have to take before I can be placed into that one, so I have to take the ALEKS exam.

I took the initial placement test and I was immediately placed into Intermediate Algebra. I just completed the entire prep module for Intermediate Algebra math concepts, but there are some other concepts that I haven’t even been prepped for yet and ALEKS is already asking me to take my first proctored exam.

These are the concepts that I have been prepped for:

  1. Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
  2. Percent, Proportions, and Geometry
  3. Signed Numbers, Linear Equations and Inequalities
  4. Lines and Systems of Linear Equations
  5. Integer Exponents and Factoring

These are the other prep topics though that I didn’t get tested on in my prep module:

  1. Relations and Functions
  2. Quadratic and Polynomial Functions
  3. Rational Expressions and Functions
  4. Radicals and Rational Exponents
  5. Exponentials and Logarithms
  6. Trigonometry

Why is ALEKS not showing me any of the other learning pie concepts?

Based on the Dallas College website, I think ALEKS may be set up in modules there. So you did the first part of the modules and you take that assessment. Then you complete more modules. They are requiring the assessments after the initial one to be proctored which not all colleges require.

What is the highest math you completed in high school? Based on what you stated and the website you do not have the prerequisites for placement in Calc. If you have not had precalc, you need to take that first. Calculus will be very difficult without a solid base.

With the ALEKS modules - For Calc they want to see a score between 76 and 100.

MATH 2413 Calculus 76-100