I have two recommenders instead of one, what will happen? Please help!

Earlier, I have completed my part of the application weeks ago and my nominator has sent in their form but my recommender (counselor) has not. She has been sick lately so I constantly talked to her asking if she would still be able to send it it and she assured me that she would. Today was the deadline and four hours before she still has not sent in her form. I could not get into contact with her because she was not at school and was not answering her messages.

So instead I went told my situation to my previous chemistry teacher that I was close to and she used a recommendation that she had previously wrote for me before and altered it for the Gates Scholarship. I was able to get both the nominator and recommender form on time before the deadline.

However, after the deadline passed I checked my email and it said that my counselor had sent in the form four minutes before the deadline. Now I have two emails saying that a reference had submitted a Recommender Form. When I called the Gates program it said there mailbox was full and it would hang up on me. It will also not let me log on to my application since it has already been submitted.

Which recommendation form will the scholarship program look at? Last time I looked (before my counselor submitted the form) my chemistry teacher had a start next to her name saying that was the one. But since there are two reccomender forms now will it still be my chemistry teacher or my counselor? Am I still eligible for it or will they assume I can’t follow directions and take me out of the applicant pool?

How will I know if my application has been received, will I be getting an email that says I applied?