I havent received a supplement from UCLA

<p>This whole supplement process has really been stressing me out. UCLA has been my dream school since I was a kid. I live about half an hour away. I never was emailed a supplement but my friend who went undeclared had a 3.5 UC Weighted GPA, 1200 SAT score and far less extra curriculars received a supplement application, I really dont know how they send these out. My school is not very competitive. Our top 9% has an a 3.8 UC weighted GPA average.</p>

Ethnicity: Asian
Income: very low
Intended Major: Business Economics, only 1 of 5 students of my class to apply as a business major.
Rank: 13
UC Weighted GPA: 4.3
SAT score (low): 1500
SAT 2 and Literature: 500 each... very low
Extra Curriculars:
Captain of Varsity Volleyball 2 years
Captain of Varsity Track and Field 2 years
Student body Secretary
Key Club Treasurer
Junior Varsity Basketball 1 year
Junior Basketball Team Coach 2 years
Junior College Councelor
100 Hours of Community Service
Current AP Courses: AP Literature AP Economics</p>

<p>Personal Statement:
Prompt 1: I talked about the new community that I was exposed to and the difficulties that I faced as a new kid entering high school fairly adequate at best social skills. I focused on how my neighborhood has been looked down upon for its poverty and the gang related violence that it has became known for. I specifically stated that I chose to major in Economics to better understand the financial situations of my neighborhood, to utilize the knowledge that I would acquire to benefit my poverty-stricken community and start industries that would be necessary for the new era. In sum, I wanted to give back to the people that supported me.</p>

<p>Prompt 2: I talked about overcoming my fear of interaction. Seems like a typical essay, but I really emphasized my development and my product. My content was focused on utilizing my athletic potential, gradually discarding my fears to benefit my team and becoming its voice and leader. Ultimately, I tried to separate myself from the rest of the applicants in my class by clarifying that there was more to me than an "A" average student. What made me unique out of the bunch was my ability to lead and my maturation as an individual.</p>

<p>Additional Comments: I discussed my experiences and contributions with the various small learning communities in my school. I was a member of two. I was initially in a predominated Hispanic SLC where all my classmates were surprised to see me. Even though they were indifferent towards my race, I was willing to tutor others. I was ultimately accepted by my peers for my kindness and academic achievement. In the latter of my years in high school I was a part of another SLC that was predominately Asian, in here I encouraged more students to join sports, I wanted the UCs to know that i understood the concepts of communication and teamwork to survive. I concluded with my idea of success and how by making a difference in the life of others we are able to ultimately benefit everyone.</p>

<p>So yea thats pretty much it about me. I have been accepted to UC Riverside so far but these two are tops ! Please leave your analysis and feedback.</p>