I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

<p>funniest book i have ever read. thoughts?</p>

<p>I found that book hilarious. Some of the stories are absolutely epic... Not the funniest book I ever read though, but still some fantastically amusing stories.</p>

<p>Movie sucked, but the book was absolutely hilarious. I loved it.</p>

<p>Tucker Max is my dude for that book. I read it at summer camp in about 2 days..yeah that was that.</p>

<p>great book, hilarious, the movie was okay, I mean...didn't suck but it'd be better if I never read the book (all movies based on books are like this)</p>

<p>The sequel "A**holes Finish First" is meant to b coming out, though it's been delayed a bunch of times...</p>