I juss got my mail from penn State today

<p>I got accepted to Abington..it's sort of like what the f***?</p>

<p>I have 3.73 gpa, 1710 SATs (1170 combined), I go to a competitive magnet high school, and I have taken accelerated courses since freshman year (cuz my high skool is magnet).</p>

<p>Not good enough for Penn State Univ Park? I am kind of surprised.</p>

<p>Nope. You can transfer in after 2 years if you like. What major did you apply for?</p>

<p>Grades arnt that good bud...if you look at the bubble chart your in the yellow so im surprised your so surprised</p>

<p>oh no. did you apply for summer as well?</p>

<p>gibson did you apply summer? because i'm surprised you didnt get in summer</p>

<p>Well I know it's a very competitive school, and I'm sure students with a 4.0 get turn down. Although I wouldn't attend the school a top university transfer me to if not accepted.</p>

<p>seems to me magnet students get screwed bc the classes arent called Honors or Ap. My D was in magnet for 9th and most of 10th grade before we moved. She had all very difficult advanced classes but they werent tagged with the name honors so she got no credit for taking them at her new school or for college admissions I gather either. good thing her new school has honors and ap so she got some in and has had very positive admissions results...</p>

<p>yeah, I have to agree with JuiceIbox. Your SAT score is a little low and your gpa is right within the %50 range for University Park, so I don't really think it's that's surprising. I am sorry that you did not get accepted. It's just pretty tough to get into University Park.</p>

<p>I agree with jec, especially this year due to the increased competition and number of applicants. My guess is that the lowest of level of blue dots on the chart now become yellow when all of the results are compiled for this year. My understanding is that there will be over 100,000 applicants. I sure hope PSU considers my son's GPA...(his SAT is a little low @1720).</p>

<p>i agree with jec and psualum b/c they agree with me :]</p>