i just called the admissions...

<p>maybe he was "lying" i dont' know why he would...but</p>

<p>people on CC have been saying they have been recieving decisions, but according to the admission counselor that I talked to like 1 minute ago, he said they haven't sent out any decisions yet, but they will send them out by april 1st..</p>

<p>i am confused..</p>

<p>For non-minority applicants.</p>

<p>Underrepresented minorities were given their decisions last Saturday.</p>

<p>yep, thats right. If you're a white kid like me, then he is not lying to you</p>

<p>no emory scholars semifinalists and finalist have received their decisions for rd. so technically hes not lying</p>

<p>The kids we know who are in all did ED. (and from other schools - my son's school does not promote schools like Emory :))</p>

<p>"Underrepresented minorities were given their decisions last Saturday."</p>

<p>Only one person actually got that "early email ". Some ( 3 or 4 peeps...yeah, my D too ) logged in and peeked at decisions, but there has been no official email or letter at my house</p>

<p>i got my letter the same day i got my URM email.</p>

<p>BUT i also live in ga.</p>

<p>so, i'm sure that you'll get a letter soon!</p>

<p>Okay, I just checked and the email just came.</p>

<p>I just wanted to let folks know LOTS of people are still anxiously waiting.</p>

<p>When they announced Emory Semifinalists, we received our admissions acceptance, too.</p>

<p>I haven't got any email!</p>

<p>And I live so far away... in India.</p>

<p>Don't unis usually email international applicants because they don't get their letter in time?</p>

<p>Hey wouldn't it be terrible if a university didn't even BOTHER to send you a letter, just a short email saying hey you're not in!</p>

<p>KITKAT 82,, can you let me know what you mean when you say your sons school does not promote schools like Emory,, is there something bad about Emory that you son's school advertises??</p>

<p>Oh no, sorry just seeing this. Our high school is a large suburban school, mixed economic neighborhood. I would say at least 50% of the students end up going to two local universities - and living at home - Kent State and University of Akron. </p>

<p>Basically what I have found with both my kids (who were both in the top 10 of their very large classes) is that the GC's know less about the schools outside of Ohio than I do. They have very few kids who are interested in leaving home state. I have found that the bright/motivated ones - need to do all the research on their own. </p>

<p>Emory is a great school. Our HS just knows nothing about it. :)</p>

<p>Oh thanks Kikkat82,, i was just wondering.. my school (also a large surburban school) just seems to promote the state schools also.
Emory is great though.. I loved it!!!</p>