I just dug myself a BIG hole. Is there still hope??

<p>Well, I just transferred from my JC to UCD through TAG. I had to finish Bis 2b (2nd quarter of bio) for me to transfer. On top of that, I wanted to take Ochem 118A (the first quarter of Organic Chemistry) so I could catch up to my fellow juniors. I ended up getting a C- in Ochem and a B- in Bio. A C- doesn't look really pretty for graduate school applications, so I plan to retake the course in the fall. The only way I could do that is if I asked for a D. So I did. So I ended up with a D in Ochem and a B- in Bio. I didn't need to take Ochem until the fall, I just wanted to try to catch up.</p>

<p>I am still enrolled in the second session of summer school, therefore, I wouldn't have time to register for classes back at my JC. </p>

<p>The condition that have to meet is to:</p>

<p>"complete Bio 2B during summer session I at UC Davis. We suggest that you not enroll in any additional units during summer session to ensure a B grade or better in Bio 2B."</p>

<p>My questions are:</p>

<p>1) Does a B- still reach that requirement?
2) Will the D in Ochem kill my transfer?</p>

<p>Oy, I feel soo screwed. I took so much time to try to get into this school. I should have just taken Bio.</p>

<p>What to say?--You've realized your mistake--and now you will need to reapply and hope.</p>

<p>There's a lesson here for others;--when your prospective school makes a suggestion to you, take it--and understand that they are doing it because they know what is the best course of action.</p>

<p>It's still possible to get in, so try with all your might. This IS a year of your life. If it falls through, then I guess you'll have to redo a year. Perhaps you could raise your cumulative GPA and try for a more prestigious school (not implying that Davis is a poor choice in any way).</p>