I just got accepted to FSU. GPA question.

<p>So I just checked my FSU status and I am accepted for Spring 2014 with the condition of completing my classes this semester (I am a transfer student.)
Now I keep wondering about my GPA. I have a 3.72. I have only gotten A's and two B's since I started working on my AA degree. Now that I am accepted, is it safe for me not to stress so much about the final GPA? I have 3 classes left this semester which are not considered classes for my major and I don't plan on studying hard since I have already reached my objective. Does my GPA still matter in any way? I've heard that FSU offers scolarships for some students based on their GPA, but I doubt they would select me anyway. Will I continue building on this GPA once I transfer? Is there any reason for me to strive to mantain or even improve my current GPA?</p>

<p>The generic answer to your question is to not slack off, no matter what the circumstances. I don’t know about FSU specifically, but why take the chance that poor grades could lead to them rescinding the offer? You’ve worked hard to this point, and you will be expected to work hard in the future. As a parent, I would a,ways encourage students to do their best.</p>

<p>Agree- do not slack off. Later if you want to go to grad school or later certifications you will be asked your GPA. It is nice to keep it up - and it could turn into scholarship $.</p>

<p>If you read your acceptance documentation you’ll find there is a proviso in there stating You are accepted contingent on maintaining your grades. That doesn’t mean you have to keep a 3.72 but it also doesn’t mean you can totally slack off.</p>

<p>It does say that I have to meet the GPA requirements for my major, which I believe it was 3.00. Having such a high GPA never helped me with anything.</p>