I just got called for an interview!!!


<p>does that mean i am borderline? If I'm more likely in? More likely out???</p>

<p>I'm going nuts.</p>

<p>I applied as a International Agricultural and Rural Development major ( to CALS obviously).</p>

<p>I'm so nervous because this is my first choice and I really want to get this whole college deal over and done with.</p>

<p>Can anyone chance me while they're at it?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.91 weighted. (idk my unweighted)
RANK: 49/270something</p>

<p>SATI: 740CR 800M 650W (took it again in november so hopefully writing score goes upppp)
SATII (this is bad):
560 physics
540 chem
770 Math II (I'm uselessly really good at math).</p>

<p>Captain of varsity swimming and colorguard
Secretary of board game club (strategists)
Math honor society
Varsity swimming (4years)
JV Tennis (3 years)
Math league (4years)
Beta club (2 years)
Local swim team (3 years)</p>

Hospital and Nursing home
Church activities
HOOK: went to Africa for over a month, traveling alone, to help orphans. why i want to go into my IARD major.</p>

<p>Did STEP program by NSF for college credit.
NSLC (one of those leadership conferences)
AMC 12 high scorer. Took AIME.</p>

Environmental Science - 4 (junior year)
The rest I am taking now:
Calc AB/BC

<p>Thank youuu soo muchhh.</p>

<p>I'm hoping my strong interest in my major, which is also uncommon, will help me.</p>

<p>everyone gets an interview. its informational and optional.</p>

<p>everyone gets an interview. you are not being singled out.</p>

<p>people get interviews for CALS???? since when!</p>

<p>was I not offered an interview because I send my app in on December 31? LOL</p>

<p>like i said, optional and informational. every school gets one. hotel and ilr are the only mandatory ones.</p>

<p>I am in the same situation but with ILR. They clearly outline on their website that ILR does NOT do interviews ...and yet I just got called for one after applying ED. I am freaking out. I do not know what this means. I must be borderline.</p>

<p>lieutenantlard- I think its AAP and Hotel that are mandatory, not ILR.</p>

<p>abanks- it doesn't mean you're borderline, and you're not being singled out. You probably were contacted by an alumni organization in your area for an informational interview, which is different than an admissions interview. It can only help you if you do well, but I don't think it is weighed even close to how much a required admissions interview is.</p>

<p>yeah it is informational....what exactly is the difference between that and evaulative besides one having weight in admissions?</p>

<p>informational is just for you to ask the alumnus a bunch of questions you might have. it's also an opportunity for you to mention things that you couldn't or forgot to do so in your application. give them something positive to write in their reports.</p>

<p>although the alumini interview is informal, i think it's both informational and evaluative. Alums still send a report on interview to the admissions</p>