I just got expelled for sending nudes to myself - 3 months before I walk for Graduation

@Zannah First of all I never said that I put the picture on the internet. They were for me only. I am not defending my crime, I am just saying that her reputation was not hurt at all. I also am walking this spring graduation because my lawyer is a boss.

I honestly think that what I did was not so wrong as it was creepy. I think I have some problems with sex and there is definitely something wrong with my mind. I have been having messed up thoughts lately and I only see my counselor every other week. She says I might have a conduct disorder or something. Thoughts of suicide are coming, and I hate them. I used to have such a positive outlook on life, and even if I do end up getting my degree before the President officially expels me, I don’t know if I will be able to do anything in this life. I am grateful for this body, but sometimes I just hate my past. I hate how I hurt people. And most of all I hate the unwanted thoughts that come into my mind.

I am trying to change, but I still feel like I am in a shell of regret. I cant think about anything else than my past and future, rather than what is important now.

Just try to decide on what you want to do in your own business. Then think twice.