I just had my AAP on-campus interview...

<p>Hi CC,</p>

<p>Here's what happened at my interview with a faculty member of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, where I showed her my art portfolio.</p>

<p>The Bad:
Interviews are in 1-hour slots; mine lasted only half an hour. I had 20 pieces (maximum allowed) in my portfolio and we went through them in about 15 minutes. </p>

<p>The Good:
I showed her the 1) rubric my art teacher uses to assess us and 2) a list of the requirements we have to fulfill before completing a work of art (and my artbook that I use to do this). My interviewer read through them (4 pages total) REALLY, REALLY carefully and asked me if she could photocopy them and use it for her class. (me: "...........OH FOR SURE!!")</p>

<p>The Confusing:
She had NO questions for me after my portfolio, the rubrics and my artbook. The interview sheet she had to fill out had sections like "knowledge of art, readings on art", "range of interests in art" and "knowledge of artists and art history, visits to galleries and museums" which I assume she is meant to comment on, but she didn't ask me any questions on any of those things.</p>

<p>Cornell is the only dual-degree school I have a realistic chance at (because AAP doesn't ask for SAT IIs, which I bombed) so I'm kind of frazzled.. any comments on this interview? Should I be worried?</p>

<p>i wouldn't worry too much about it. every interview is different depending on the professor. also im assuming this is an art interview? it's a little different in architecture</p>