I just LOVE these college apps!!!! shoot me please :)...what are my chances?

<p>Sooo...I'm kinda new here, but I think this is how this section works...we give out our beautiful statistical GPA and SAT business and see how we stack up. Any takers? Comments would be greatly appreciated! I'm applying SCEA to Stanford, and RD to UCLA, UCD, UCSB, Boston College, Princeton, and USC. Stanford is #1 on my list, but I'd be happy to go anywhere right now cause I am sick of applications...bleah!!!</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.3ish weighted
SAT's: 720 verbal, 740 math
SAT II's: 770 Math IC, 780 Math IIC, 780 Chem, 730 Writing
APs: 5 US History, the only one I've taken so far
Class rank: 1 so far</p>

4 years of volleyball, basketball, and track. Undefeated track season and league champions all 4 years plus school records. League champs in basketball last season. Random honors for each sport.
4 years of school orchestra, including participation in statewide honor orchestra.
Participation in church youth group, including a mission trip.
100+ hours of communitry service at local hospital volunteering in the emergency room</p>

National Merit Semifinalist
County Mathletics Winner
Rennsaeler Award, Harvard Prize Book Award
Honor roll

Summer internship working with ballistic missile defense. It was boring as heck, but looks great on an app. :)</p>

<p>Tip factor
Both parents went to Stanford :)</p>

<p>So there's my life in a nutshell (at least, the stuff colleges care about the most). Thank you to anyone who comments on where I can get in! Feel free to be brutally honest. And just out of curiosity...has anyone sent in their applications yet to any of the private schools? Have a beautiful day, everyone, and happy college hunting.</p>

<p>You're in everywhere.</p>

<p>everywhere except stanford, but still that's 70% chance.</p>

<p>thanks for the responses :)</p>