I just need some input...

<p>So I am a rising senior and for the past year I have been dead set on applying ED to Penn. However, I recently attended an information session that had both Penn and Georgetown present and I began to do research into Georgetown. I want to major in something public health related, and I am realizing that Georgetown's International Health program may be a perfect fit for me. I visited Georgetown's campus over the summer but I wasn't very happy. However, I think there were several factors that contributed to this. First off, I was visiting when school was not in session so I wasn't able to get a feel for Georgetown's campus environment. Also, Georgetown was the first selective school that I had visited (I had gone to Rutgers and TCNJ before that) and I was very intimidated. Furthermore, I visited the campus with one of my friends and she threw a tantrum about not liking Georgetown, so her negative opinion probably swayed my perception slightly.</p>

<p>Anyways, I would really like some input and advice about several topics including Penn vs. Georgetown (more specifically Health & Societies vs. International Health), what the campus environment is actually like, is Georgetown a party school w/snobby kids, etc.</p>