I just need to know!!

<p>Ok i'm a rising senior and i'm really worried about college admissions. I didn't really do well my junior year. I took all IB courses and got straight C's on my FINAL YEAR Grade. my first semester really messed me up. second semester was a lot better. but nonetheless final grades were C's and 1 A. two of my main colleges i'm looking at is George Mason Univ and George Washington Univ. My Stats:</p>

<p>Junior year final grades: straight C's 1 A IB Courses
Sat Math: 610<br>
Sat Read: 540 (I'm taking 1 more SAT in Oct. i've been preparing all summer)
Sat Writ : 510
Some ExtraCurricular: Hospital volunteer
Kendo 6-7 years (martial arts)
VP of a club
Violin 6 years include senior year
Piano 12 years
IDK but 5 years of foreign language
and some more but ^ are "main" i guess</p>

<p>Is there anything I can do to get into GMU or GWU. i have backups as well so.
please let me know if there's anything i can do or if it's impossible. thank you</p>