I just need to say this out loud

Over the past four years of high school, I always thought I had a negligible impact on the people around me. The comments that people have left in my yearbook (so far -three days left of school!) have left me truly stunned.

I’ve been told about how my no bs attitude, dry humor, dad-like personality, brutally honest critiques, mentoring of struggling students (the list goes on and on) have left a very deep and positive impact.

I’m amazed. I never used social media to contact others. I was always shy (introverted) but over the past two years, I’ve been working on being more sociable with others. I guess it worked.

Thanks for reading.

Congrats. People don’t always express their appreciation, but don’t let that deter you from doing good.

Looks like you’re ready to have a very successful college career and beyond.

@OhWhatsHerName I don’t know if I’m truly ready though. I feel like the big fish in the small pond right now but it’ll end in about 72 hours from now…

You sound like my kid. I hope he’ll have this kind of moment a year from now. Kudos to you and good luck in college!

My profile on College Confidential has also played an important role in my push to become more sociable. When I first began the college process last year, I learned a lot about requirements and such, which led me to begin posting this year, making sure I help as many people as I could. I will continue contributing on this forum but I’m not sure what I
I’ll do in person while in college.

Judging from your thoughtful and mature comments on CC I think you will be just fine in college. Just keep moving forward on the positive path you are on. Put yourself out there in college take some risks (even if they all don’t work out).

FWIW my S was very quiet in HS and really came into his own during college (had a great group of friends, found his niche academically, became much more of a leader etc.) so I hope the same happens to you.

I think you will have a wonderful 4 years (and when you have time you stop back to CC).