I just realized something horrible.(Eligibility Question)

So after stressing over this application for a while now, I just realized I might not even be eligible for this scholarship. I’m an AA female from a 2-parent household bringing in around 100,000 /yr. Does that mean I am not eligible for Pell Grant, thus not eligible for this scholarship?

I’m pretty upset as I’ve really put a lot of work towards these essays and I thought I met all of the requirements until now.

Have you tried a FAFSA EFC calculator? Will there be 3 siblings in college at the same time next year?

If you’ve done all the work, I’d submit. Worse case you do your FAFSA and find out you aren’t eligible. Best case, your parents make money, but you have deductions that knock the income down and you are eligible. Also, your hard work on the essays is likely adaptable to other scholarships, so the work is not for nothing!

If you aren’t Pell grant eligible (you must submit your SAR if you become a finalist), you will be disqualified at that point. Happens to many applicants.